Smart Building Systems
design, installation and management

  1. Design
    User requirements definition CAD system design System component specification Consultancy
  2. Install
    Purchasing Financing System installation Commissioning
  3. Manage
    Monitoring Compliance Maintenance Cybersecurity
SBS - A leader in Smart Building Systems
 SBS is building a major provider of Smart Building Systems through the acquisition and integration of multiple specialist providers.

SBS will integrate leading edge technology from all major manufacturers with comprehensive capabilities in design, installation and building management. 

SBS will provide nationwide coverage across the UK. SBS services cover all building systems including HVAC, electrical, security, fire. 

SBS covers all commercial building sectors, including offices, industrial, warehousing, retail, hospitality, schools, universities, hospitals and care homes. 

Smart Buildings can deliver reduced energy consumption and running costs, lower carbon footprint, improved working environments, increased security and compliance
Connecting All Building Systems
Intelligent Smart Building Networks

Connecting all new and legacy systems:
Data analytics and AI based decisions:

-  BMS
-  Lighting
-  CCTV & security
-  Access control
-  Fire
-  Energy monitoring
-  Lifts
-  Location based services CAFM
-  BIM
-  Asset Management drawings O+M documentation
​-  Financial reporting
-  Workspace management
​-  IT management
​-  Front reception
-  Guest management

-  Management + Intelligent maintenance scheduling
-  Energy analytics + optimisation
-  BIM + Asset management
-  Documentation + drawing management
-  Automated remote monitoring and management
-  Portfolio Alarm and event notification
-  Global portfolio schedule management
-  Intrinsic daily and seasonal commissioning
-  Benchmark and portfolio reporting + Finance management
-  Space management + Location based services
-  Machine learning, Artificial intelligent cognitive engine
HBT Connected
HBT Smart Sight